El pájaro y la ventana

assisted installation* # 7. 
Assisted installation with overhead projector, yellow paint and music box mechanism. 

It has been shown at:
➜ Osnabrück, Germany 2017 (Osnabrück Kunsthalle)
➜ Mexico City, Mexico 2016 (Arroniz Gallery)
 Madrid, Spain 2016 (IN-SONORA Sound Art Festival) 
➜ Dale, Norway 2015 (NKD Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale) 
➜ Bologna, Italy 2014 (RobotFestival 7)
➜ Milan, Italy 2013 (Galería Bianconi) 
➜ Toronto, Canada 2011 (24th Live Images Festival) 
➜ Bergen, Norway 2009 (Room 8 - Volt)
➜ Miami, USA 2009 (Art Nova Basel Selection) 
➜ Bogotá, Colombia 2009 (Casas Riegner Gallery)

*About the concept of “assisted installation”: this kind of works include a particular time-quality that needs of my presence in order to function. I have to be aware of the duration of a song, wind music boxes, set the needles on turntables, change, rewind, or even thread cassette tapes. These are all characteristics of the work that demand a careful presence.

Icaro Zorbar